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Quick Tip: Salad-Ready Croutons

Salad-Ready Croutons @shecooksinstilettos.com

Trying to lose weight?  Trying to eat better?  If you’re like me you want to do those things, you really do!  But there are just certain things you don’t to give up.  Okay, I’ll eat a salad, but there are TWO THINGS I WILL NOT GIVE UP:  CROUTONS AND MY SALAD DRESSING!  They key is sticking to the serving size.

Salad-Ready Croutons @shecooksinstilettos.comI buy croutons with the best ingredients I can find, and still taste good!  I prefer New York Brand, Texas Toast “Seasoned” Croutons.  No HFCS or MSG, and I can pronounce the majority of ingredients…SOLD!

Here’s the only thing though, they are “rustic-style” so some of them can be HUGE!  The unit of measurement here for the serving size is “tablespoon.”  What?!  Why?!  Do you see these things?  You can’t measure this.  And even if you just say they are a tablespoon each, because they are huge, then you get TWO bites of crouton!  BOO!

Simple trick:  BREAK THEM UP!  This way you can measure easier, and get a little happy crunch in more bites!  🙂

Salad-Ready Croutons @shecooksinstilettos.comNow these come in a zip-top bag, but don’t try to crush them in this bag.  Some will get crushed too much, some not at all.  So put them in a gallon-size zip-top bag, lay them flat, then use a rolling pin, or a pan, and lightly break up. (I do like to lay a towel underneath to soften the blows.)  Then store in a plastic or glass container so they are ready when you are.  I prefer Tupperware modulars, personally, as they were originally made to keep food fresh much longer than traditional containers.  But that’s a story for another time…

Salad-Ready Croutons @shecooksinstilettos.comThat’s it!  Now you can measure a proper serving size and actually enjoy your salad!  AND at ONLY 35 calories per 2 tablespoons, and NO sugar, we can enjoy with NO GUILT!  😀