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No one to talk to when you get home? Tell US about it! The good, the bad, the indifferent.

How was your day?

July 2014

How was your day?  @shecooksinstilettos.comThis is a place for YOU!

Don’t you sometimes HATE coming home and having NO ONE around to say “How was your day?”  Something so simple, that can mean so much!  Maybe you live alone, maybe you have a roommate you never see, whatever the case it can sometimes SUCK!  (I say “sometimes” because sometimes it is also nice to not be bothered!  🙂 )  So I wanted to create a page where YOU can come and chat or vent if need be, and have a community of “virtual friends” who are listening!  My thought is to set a page up for each month (if we can grow this community, maybe even each week!) for us to chat!  I’m just learning this whole blogging thing, so this seems like the best way so far!  🙂  So put your feet up, grab a cocktail and unload!  I’ll get us started with the first comment…  CHEERS!

How was your day?