So 2015 is officially underway!  I have FINALLY gotten my new site set up!  (Well, in the right spot, I know it doesn’t look a lot different!)  I am hoping everyone gets this, and that everything transferred the way it was supposed to!  I realized through all of this that I love to share stories, recipes, etc.  I love fiddling around with computers and seeing what I can get it to do.  But dear lord!  When it comes to all the technical stuff?  Nothing but a series of hoots and clicks!

I hope the holiday season treated everyone well, and you rang in the New Year with a BANG!  Me?  I was “spring cleaning!”  Not kidding.  There was something kind of cathartic about it.  But for some reason I felt this need to watch the ball drop.  Why?!  I swear!  THAT made me cry!  You cannot watch Rockin’ Eve without seeing nothing buy people kissing at midnight!  It just can’t be done!  To that I say “Thanks A LOT!”  After that, some fancy cheese and champagne, I threw on some Psych and went back to cleaning.  Over all, a pretty good night.

The time off was great!  I think I worked about 5 days in 2 weeks!  But sadly, by the end of January, I just needed a break again!  Now we are nearing the end of February and I need a VACATION!  Something just has to give this year!  Not sure what, but something!

Won’t take up much of your time, but I wanted to let you know I have been saving up so much stuff that I wanted to tell you guys about but couldn’t for fear I would lose it in the transfer!  I’m hoping you will all still get the email updates that you signed up for!!  If you see any issues, please let me know!  Still learning, playing and then fixing!  LOL!


Goodnight, all!

Lila  –  xoxo

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