HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (w/ Sausage Dip Recipe!)


Just wanted to check in!  You haven’t heard from me for a while for a couple of reasons:

1.  I joined an AMAZING group – “Learn To Blog.”  Where I learned I began my site in the wrong place!  So I’m not sure how things will cross over, so I need to get a few things set up and make that happen!  Just haven’t had the time!

2.  IT’S CHRISTMAS!!  OMG!  I can’t even tell you how nuts things are!  I’m set to be out of town every weekend in December!  One week, this past week, I did almost DOUBLE the amount of massaging than I normally do!  (I seriously took baby aspirin because I was fearing a heart attack! .., I’m not kidding!)  I have NO Christmas decorations up (except the lights on the bushes in the front yard, which I was lucky enough to have a break on a day where we had almost an 80 degree day that day in which to put them up!!)  But that’s it!  The tree is still in the attic, etc.  It is just NUTS!  As soon as I have time to breath, it will be 2015.  (Bless the people who told me EXACTLY what they wanted to Christmas this year! 🙂 )

3.  See number 2, then add in all the regular B.S.!  Enough said.

So don’t think I’ve given up this journey!  I WILL BE BACK!

Before I go – let me leave you a WONDERFUL and EASY recipe that a friend gave me!  (Sorry, I have no pictures!  Was making dinner for a crowd whilst said crowd demolished this dip!)


1 lb Breakfast Sausage (I used hot – Use a good brand so you’re not left with mostly grease!)

16 oz. Sour Cream

8 oz. Cream Cheese

10 oz. can Diced Tomatoes w/ Green Chilies, drained

Brown sausage, drain excess fat.  (I didn’t really have any to drain, so if you use the good stuff, you may not!)  Melt in and mix in cream cheese.  (This just makes it a little easier to mix)  Then add sour cream and drained tomatoes.  THAT’S IT!  IT IS SO GOOD!  My mom plans to make a batch for a brunch!  You can use it as a dip or put it on a biscuit!  I throw it in a dip-sized crock pot and put out tortilla chips!  Ole’!


<3, Lila.

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