Adventures in Dating Services (Part Three)

A quick update – since there really isn’t much to tell.  This is pretty damn sad, actually!  After spending $1,000 on a dating SERVICE, and about a month later:  still not ONE date!  I could have done this on Match!  I hate that I had the gut feeling that I shouldn’t have done this.  Do you ever have that feeling?  You KNOW this is probably not the best idea for you, but you do it anyway?  Then what happens?  I ALWAYS KICK MYSELF LATER!  ALWAYS!  I just thought this time was because this time I was dealing in an area that I’m not comfortable with.  So I just thought I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Which I still was.  And it is still not over.  I know this.

Anyway, so here is the latest:  I spoke to guy, we’ll call him “43” almost 3 weeks ago now.  We ended things with ME suggesting that we meet up for a drink when he gets back into town.  (He travels a lot for work.)  He agreed, and said that should be “some time next week.”  I have LITERALLY not heard a word from him since!  And it can’t be that he is nervous because since I made the suggestion, he already has a “yes.”  I gave in and shot him a text on Friday afternoon, and so far NOTHING!  (It is now Sunday afternoon.)  I’ll be interested to see how the MM group handles situations such as these.  Please!  I canNOT be the first person this has happened to!

Bottom line:  This was supposed to be fun and easy, and it has been anything but.  I have paid a f**k-ton of money for a huge PAIN-IN-MY-ASS experience!!  I can’t help but to wonder, though, if I’m not that 2% case.  You know?  Like this is one of those cases that RARELY happens, but, of course, it is happening to me.  And I know what you are thinking, because I would be thinking it to… “with that attitude of course it is happening to you!”  Seriously, though, I have tried to put so much positivity into the universe with all of this, but it’s getting pretty old!

On a positive note:  The laundry is almost done, new grass has been planted, and had some fun this weekend with a girlfriend celebrating her birthday!  All things considered, a pretty damn good weekend.  (And BEAUTIFUL!)


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