Adventures in Dating Services (Part Two)

I recently received a phone call from my “first match.”  On the one hand I’m excited, maybe even a little nervous.  On the other, I’m a little perturbed.  Let me explain.  I was originally told that I would basically get a heads up before actually talking to a “match.”  But I didn’t.  Seriously, this company is really ticking me off!  Apparently it was an “email issue” with their system.  Oh good, so it is a known issue.  Sweet.  So I call to get the goods on the guy they have matched me with before calling back my cold call.  Hang on, let me back up one more time by explaining what led up to what I’m about to tell you.  In the first meeting with the MM (matchmaker) she asked me what my age range was.  I said 32-40.  I’m 36, this is fair, right?  She responded by saying “Well, most people usually do a 10 year range.”  So I RELUCTANTLY agree to her terms, so now we are at 32-42.  After I paid all my money, and became “active” I emailed because I just wasn’t really happy with the whole age thing.  I tell them over and over, I’m really not happy with the idea of going over 40.  (I have my reasons, albeit morbid, I’m not just being a jerk!)  They basically throw all these facts and me and make me feel silly, so I agree to let them keep it at 42.  My first match?  …43!  I WAS PISSED!  Especially because the chick giving me that deets IMMEDIATELY says “HE JUST TURNED 43!” So she knew I wasn’t going to be happy about it.  GRRR!!!  Anyway, we have discussed it further and come to a new agreement on the matter, so moving on.

I don’t want to get too much into talking about the guy because we still haven’t met.  I will still meet him with an open mind because he didn’t know they matched us outside of my parameters.  So not his fault.  He is out of town a lot during the month with work, so I left things as “let’s meet for a drink when you get back into town.”  He agreed.  Though, I have to ask:  at this point I wait for him to contact me, right?  Because I haven’t heard from him.  Based on our first conversation, I’m not entirely surprised.  He did make it sound like it is more his family and friends that want him to find someone; he never once said he joined the company because HE was wanting to meet someone.  I thought that was weird.  But he seemed really nervous, so again, moving on.

Honestly, I’m hoping I don’t hear from him this weekend!  I’m taking on of my quarterly “mini-vacations” this weekend, and I REALLY need the me-time to get shit done!  Which means I’ll hear from him.  Of course, right?  Because that is usually when men show up in my life, when I don’t want them to!  Seriously though, my house looks like Hurricane Katrina came back to life and ran through it!  So I have my work cut out for me!

Hope you have a great night!  This is what mine looks like!

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