How was your day?

July 2014

How was your day?  @shecooksinstilettos.comThis is a place for YOU!

Don’t you sometimes HATE coming home and having NO ONE around to say “How was your day?”  Something so simple, that can mean so much!  Maybe you live alone, maybe you have a roommate you never see, whatever the case it can sometimes SUCK!  (I say “sometimes” because sometimes it is also nice to not be bothered!  🙂 )  So I wanted to create a page where YOU can come and chat or vent if need be, and have a community of “virtual friends” who are listening!  My thought is to set a page up for each month (if we can grow this community, maybe even each week!) for us to chat!  I’m just learning this whole blogging thing, so this seems like the best way so far!  🙂  So put your feet up, grab a cocktail and unload!  I’ll get us started with the first comment…  CHEERS!

How was your day?


  1. So it is Sunday, the day when I try to reach my goals of cooking, cleaning and RESTING! This past week was SO busy, though, that all I seem to be able to do is REST. I feel so lazy, but dammit, I deserve a day off too! Though, sadly, I STILL have laundry to do and it’s already 9pm. Oh well…I’ll get to it before I go to bed. …maybe… How was your weekend?

  2. I’ve made it Wednesday! The week is actually going a little slowly – can’t wait for the holiday, 4th of July weekend! I REALLY need a vacation – but I’ll settle for a holiday weekend! How about you? How was your day? 🙂

  3. We have just started the 2nd week of July – I hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July weekend! As you can see from other posts, I had an awesome grilled pizza cookout! Now to deal with all of the leftovers! Anyway, my day… Last night I picked up one of my favorite books “The Happiness Solution” by Dr. Alan Gettis. I got to the chapter or story titled “Thank You.” This was all about what he calls “rubbernecking in reverse!” We tend to “rubberneck” so to speak when something bad happens, in fact we look for it! That is where the drama is, I suppose. So he recommends “rubbernecking in reverse.” Meaning start looking for and paying closer attention to all of the things that go RIGHT in a day! Things we often walk past and don’t give a second thought to. For example your car starting on the first try, having running water, the dishwasher working, or being able to walk across the room!

    So it is Monday morning and I decide to start my week off right and try this! It’s going great all morning, I even hit every green light! (That is something to be thankful for right there!) Then, I get to my morning job where I am unable to clock in because my primary computer monitor is DEAD! (There is a long story behind this monitor, but to keep it short, I just got it back last week!) I’ve had it for a week, it’s dead. THEN I get a call from a person involved in this NIGHTMARE of a project I am working on who is totally supportive, but tells me she is going to do her best, but basically if this doesn’t get signed off on soon it will be “stalled.” Meaning the WHOLE project I’ve been working on since FEBRUARY will have to be started ALL OVER AGAIN! HAPPY MONDAY! Right?! I mean, MAN!

    I leave my morning job just before lunch, and I had a cancellation in my afternoon schedule, and I am able to push my first patient back a couple of hours – YEA NAP TIME! This was VERY needed since after my morning, I was walking around like a zombie! I was able to get back to being grateful! So grateful just to have that ability!

    Now, to go to bed, and start tomorrow of being grateful and thankful for every little thing! 🙂

    Goodnight, all! Tell us about your day!

  4. SO EXCITED I’M ON VACATION NEXT WEEK! I may not go any where or do anything too special, but I’m SO grateful just to not be working for a WEEK! YEA! Hope you are having a good week so far! 🙂

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